Application before the end of the year: Check upgrade for care level

In many cases, the higher handicap lump sums pay off for tax purposes. Anyone who submits the application before the turn of the year benefits retrospectively if the decision is positive. The lump sums for the disabled have been doubled this year to up to 7,400 euros. The Federal Association of Income Tax Assistance Associations […]

Alarming prognosis for 2030: the shortage of nurses threatens to worsen

According to the Barmer health insurance, Germany is currently well on the way to getting into a precarious nursing emergency. Only consistent political reforms could remedy this. This is about more attractive training. According to a study, the shortage of nursing staff in Germany threatens to worsen. By 2030, around 182,000 additional workers are likely […]

Billing without service: AI is supposed to uncover cases of fraud in nursing care

As an industry that has billions of dollars in annual sales, care is also prone to fraud. In 2018 alone, nursing services bill almost seven million euros without providing any services. Artificial intelligence should now help to uncover such crimes. A research project is investigating billing fraud in the care service with the help of […]

Long-term care insurance often makes sense: When is extra private protection worthwhile?

Private supplementary long-term care insurance costs money, month after month. The policy is not cheap – and: if you do not need care, you don’t get anything from the money paid in. It can happen from now on: You become a nursing case. For example through an illness, an accident or age-related. Many would like […]

Heil im "ntv early start": "Systemically important people need higher wages!"

The job market will get going again, says Hubertus Heil. The Federal Labor Minister describes the labor court ruling on foreign nursing staff as “groundbreaking and correct”. Today, Friday, Labor Minister Hubertus Heil will speak in the Bundestag about the federal government’s report on poverty and wealth. There are light and dark sides – but […]