No massacre, no Russians… — RT DE

Apr 25, 2022 10:05 p.m by Dagmar Henn Butscha’s story seems to be slowly coming to an end. At least to the extent that the unambiguity with which a crime was claimed on the one hand and Russian responsibility on the other is untenable. Two of the more central Western media, the British Guardians and […]

Founder of Nazi regiment “Azov” threatens massacre of civilians in Mariupol — RT EN

Apr 22, 2022 9:35 p.m The Ukrainian TV channel NTA broadcast Azov founder Andrei Biletsky on Thursday: He threatened a massacre with battlefield missiles if residents of Mariupol took part in the “Immortal Regiment” operation on Victory Day, May 9. Statistically speaking, war crimes are inevitable where war is raging – whether committed by “black […]

Russian war reporter on the real perpetrators of the Bucha massacre — RT EN

3 Apr 2022 18:06 In Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv, more than a dozen bodies of civilians killed were filmed three days after the Russian withdrawal. The Western media, without any investigation, accuses the Russian side of having committed war crimes there. Journalist Aleksander Kots, who was in the region for a month, offers counter-arguments. […]

Russian Defense Ministry exposes Bucha massacre and dismisses allegations — RT EN

3 Apr 2022 5:23 p.m The Russian Defense Ministry has denied allegations that the Russian military killed civilians in Bucha near Kyiv. The allegations are a staging of Kiev with Western media. More information coming soon… By blocking RT, the EU aims to silence a critical, non-pro-Western source of information. And not only with regard […]