A political assassination in Kherson – and what it means for Russia — RT EN

20 mar 2022 7:29 p.m A terrorist attack took place in the southern Ukrainian city of Cherson on Sunday, raising questions about Russia’s goals and strategies in Ukraine that go beyond the individual case. Is Russia able to protect anti-fascist and pro-Russian activists? On Sunday morning in Kherson, in the Neftegavan district of Kherson, unknown […]

“This means no isolation of Russia” — RT EN

5 mar 2022 2:12 p.m So far, the Kremlin sees no reason to speak of Russia’s isolation. According to Dmitry Peskov, the world is bigger than the EU and the US. The spokesman for the Russian President hopes that the West will change its overly emotional position towards Russia. On March 5, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry […]

“By no means a peacekeeping mission” — RT EN

22 Feb 2022 6:49 p.m The leaders of the party and faction of the Left Party have criticized Russia’s actions in Donbass. It is a “breach of international law” that endangers peace in Europe. However, there were also demands to continue to hold on to an understanding with Moscow. The party and faction leaders of […]

‘Respond with all means’ – US calls on Canada to solve trucker problem — RT DE

11 Feb 2022 3:28 pm The truckers of the “freedom convoy” are still blocking the Canadian capital and central traffic arteries. Nervousness is spreading among Prime Minister Trudeau, but also in the US Homeland Security Agency. The protest is also beginning to leave economic scars. There is a threat of escalation. Despite a number of […]