US censorship of Russian media has failed — RT EN

RT and Sputnik continue to reach American audiences despite Big Tech’s repression and censorship on behalf of Ukraine and on behalf of the US government. And that to a considerable extent. Silicon Valley’s efforts to suppress news and information classified as “Russian propaganda” on behalf of Ukraine – particularly from outlets like RT and Sputnik […]

Media report: US oil reserves are running out

Washington has been actively selling off its Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) for the past year to prevent a further rise in energy prices, US news platform Bloomberg reported on Friday. However, according to Bloomberg, the government cannot exhaust the reserves forever. According to the report, nearly 115 million barrels were put on the market last […]

How German media fall for Ukrainian propaganda lies about Russian rapes — RT DE

by Vladislav Sankin Certainly, in any war, soldiers can commit crimes against civilians, and Russian military personnel are likely to be no exception. However, the handling of horror stories by Ukrainian officials suggests that at least the majority of these “stories” are a lying construct is to demonize the Russian army in the eyes of […]

Sanctions are not working, Russia is on the rise and Western media are changing tone — RT EN

A commentary by Nebojša Malić Even if the collective West continues to insist – contrary to all observable reality – that the conflict in Ukraine is going well for Kyiv, the mainstream media is becoming increasingly uneasy about the situation on the economic front. More and more observers are admitting that the sanctions imposed by […]

Opinion on the possible outcome of the Ukraine war is changing in the US media — RT DE

At the beginning of the Russian military operation, the mainstream media was still quite unanimous about the superiority of the Ukrainian military and the effectiveness of Western sanctions, but this classification seems to be increasingly crumbling even in the conservative US media. On June 2, the conservative US newspaper The Hill published, which loudly Wikipedia […]

How the media and politicians react to the partial suspension of Hartz IV sanctions — RT DE

by Susan Bonath Closed companies and restaurants, bans on artists, measly short-time work benefits: the corona lockdown has taught many Germans to make ends meet with Hartz IV. More than five million people are currently dependent on it. They must behave well, otherwise the standard rate, which continues to lag behind inflation, will be cut. […]

Florida Gov. DeSantis signs anti-censorship social media bill — RT DE

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation on Monday against censorship by big tech companies. Social media platforms in Florida are now banned from banning politicians for more than 14 days. On Monday, Florida became the first US state to pass a law against “deplatforming”, i.e. the deletion of social media accounts of politicians, for example. […]

“man of science”? Mainstream media suddenly criticize Karl Lauterbach — RT DE

The Minister of Health is increasingly facing criticism from the mainstream media. The “Berliner Tagesspiegel” questions the minister’s career – and the “ZDF” criticizes Lauterbach’s role in the discussion about the lack of evaluation data on the corona measures. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) was not used to this until now. Two classic media, […]

“Azov” Nazis at Mariupol Steel Plant surrender – media martyr campaign fails — RT EN

The Nazi “Azov” battalion has not yet been canonized, although the Pope has already prayed for the troops stuck in Mariupol. But with their capitulation, the media martyr campaign hoped for in the West and in Ukraine is passé, which also affects the morale of the Ukrainian army. A commentary by Andrei Rudenko “Azov” surrendered!!! […]