Statutory health insurance physicians accounted for almost 2.5 million treatments for side effects of vaccinations in 2021 — RT DE

by Susan Bonath There are increasing indications that the corona vaccinations have far more side effects than has been and is publicly propagated. In a paper, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) now lists almost 2.5 million cases of treatment that were billed by contract doctors from statutory health insurance companies as […]

Jens Spahn’s 540 million mask deal — RT DE

by Bernhard Loyen In December 2020, the media reported that the then Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had “suddenly become Germany’s most popular politician”. So writes the Springer newspaper Welt: “In a poll on the popularity of politicians, Jens Spahn overtakes Angela Merkel. 52 percent of those polled hope that his policies will have the […]

Delivery of German armaments worth over 350 million euros to Kyiv approved — RT DE

In the first three months of the Ukraine war, the federal government approved the delivery of weapons and other armaments worth 350.1 million euros to the country. These include bazookas, anti-aircraft missiles and fragmentation grenades. As can be seen from a response from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection to a request from […]

Half a million British small businesses on the brink of bankruptcy — RT DE

Inflation poses major economic difficulties not only for consumers. Small and medium-sized companies have also been hit hard. Many only have reserves for a few weeks, according to the President of the Association of British Small Businesses. The leader of the Confederation of Small Businesses (FSB) Martin McTague has warned that around 500,000 small businesses […]

US wants to support “civic activities” in Serbia with up to 10 million US dollars — RT DE

According to Washington, it wants to support Serbia on its way to EU membership. The US agency for development cooperation, USAID, will provide financial support for “civic activities” in the Balkan country. The US Embassy in Belgrade offers scholarships. The US agency for development cooperation USAID will spend from four to almost ten million US […]

Already sold seven million copies — RT DE

From Wednesday, the so-called 9-euro ticket will be valid nationwide. One day before the start, the Association of German Transport Companies announced that more than 7 million of the discounted tickets have been sold so far. Meanwhile, Deutsche Bahn fears bottlenecks and warns of disappointments. The demand for the 9-euro ticket remains high: until shortly […]