Lira sinks to a record low: Erdogan dismisses central bank staff

The Turkish president apparently has little confidence in the monetary policy stance of the central bank. Despite a cut in the key interest rate last month – probably driven by Erdogan – three central bankers now have to go at his behest. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again interfered in the personnel policy […]

Beginning of the end of easing ?: US Federal Reserve wants to leave crisis mode

The US Federal Reserve will decide whether to slowly say goodbye to the extremely loose monetary policy. Fed chairman Jerome Powell is likely to prepare the markets for a curb on multi-billion dollar asset purchases. The US Federal Reserve is about to set an important course in its planned exit from crisis mode. With soaring […]

Interest rate swings when there is a risk of inflation: Weidmann warns debt makers in the euro zone

Bundesbank President Weidmann is preparing the euro countries for a tighter monetary policy by the central bank. If the price increase accelerates, the ECB must raise interest rates. She could then not take into account the financing costs of the states. Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann has warned the member states of the euro area against […]

Bad inflation ?: (For SO, 07/18) Why rising prices are good

Rising inflation is omnipresent for consumers. Are prices threatening to run away? Should investors protect themselves? European economist Andreas Billmeier from Western Asset Management, a subsidiary of US asset manager Franklin Templeton, explains what drives inflation and why there is no need to panic using a simple calculation formula. Mr. Billmeier, where did you last […]