London declares South Atlantic islands a nature reserve — RT EN

7 July 2022 7:52 am The territorial dispute between Argentina and Great Britain is not only about the Falkland Islands. Buenos Aires also claims South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. London’s decision to declare the islands a protected area has met with criticism. Source: © K. Wothe / blickwinkel Argentina’s foreign ministry on […]

Too much culture? Nature lovers practice “Cancel Culture” – but left song summer takes place — RT DE

The practice of canceling rooms, performances and events that have long been promised at short notice has been spreading for years. Sometimes reasons are given, sometimes not. The cancellations often come from public authorities. Now the “nature lovers” have probably found it to their liking. The positive news first: The “Linke Liedersommer” will take place […]

Wonders of nature – or “aftermath” of the Munich Security Conference 2021? — RT DE

Suspicions about the recent international infection process are raised early on. Before the G7 simulation game Leopard Pox, the Munich Security Conference in 2021 coincidentally dealt with the topic of monkeypox. The assumed date for the outbreak was May 15, 2022. The Munich Security Conference (MSC) informed on their website for the event in 2021: […]

‘Can’t abolish nature’ – Alice Schwarzer bemoans ‘trans fashion’ — RT EN

28 mar 2022 6:17 p.m Germany’s best-known feminist Alice Schwarzer warns of the planned self-determination law, which is intended to make it easier to change one’s gender, for example in a passport. Sven Lehmann, the federal government’s queer commissioner, unsurprisingly sees things differently. “Emma Terfs ins Klo” and “Transresistance” are written in large graffito letters […]