Newspaper Novaya Gazeta critical of the Kremlin temporarily suspends work — RT DE

28 mar 2022 10:53 p.m The newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which is critical of the Kremlin, announced on Monday that it had decided to suspend its work for the time being. The editors have received a second warning from the Russian media supervisory authority, it said as a reason. Two warnings from the authority could result […]

Weekly newspaper “Friday” announces Moscow correspondent — RT DE

26 mar 2022 09:20 am The weekly newspaper “Freitag” has thrown out its longtime author and freelance correspondent in Moscow, Ulrich Heyden. The reason is his “positioning in the Ukraine war”. In an answer to this published on Friday, Heyden wonders what “positioning” he is being accused of. A commentary by Anton Gentzen “Dear Mr. […]

British newspaper Sun embarrasses itself with ‘exact time of Ukraine invasion’ — RT EN

16 Feb 2022 12:47 pm According to “US intelligence sources” quoted by British newspaper The Sun, Russia was due to invade Ukraine on February 16. What’s more, the tabloid even claimed to know the exact time: three in the morning. In a report, the British tabloid The Sun refers to US intelligence sources and names […]