No access for inspectors: Iran locks nuclear workshop in front of the IAEA

Iran continues to expand its uranium enrichment plants. Actually, IAEA boss Grossi had negotiated seamless controls with Tehran. But at a nuclear workshop, the inspectors are standing in front of closed doors. Contrary to recent promises, Iran is blocking full monitoring of its nuclear program. This was reported by the head of the International Atomic […]

Shows Kim Jong Un new weapons ?: North Korea is probably planning a large military parade

As a sign of deterrence, North Korea regularly organizes gigantic military parades. Now preparations are apparently taking place in Pyongyang for a new army show. It was not until the beginning of the year that the People’s Republic presented new missiles during a deployment. North Korea may be preparing a new military parade, according to […]

Agreement with the USA: South Korea obtained "Missile Sovereignty"

So far, South Korea’s missile program has been subject to restrictions. However, the country has now agreed with the protective power of the USA to lift these guidelines – also in view of the threat posed by North Korea. Talks with the regime there are currently on hold. According to an agreement with its ally, […]