Lukashenko offers help to US — RT EN

Given the nationwide shortage of baby food, Washington can get the goods it needs from Belarus. This was announced by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and underlined that deliveries could start immediately if necessary. The US could source infant formula and various types of baby food from Belarus. This was offered by the country’s President, Alexander […]

Australian supermarket chain offers transgender people paid leave – for gender confirmation — RT DE

The Australian supermarket chain Coles wants to support its transgender and diverse employees in the future for medical or advisory purposes. In addition, up to ten paid vacation days “to confirm their gender” should be made possible. Coles Supermarkets is an Australian supermarket chain with over 740 stores and around 92,000 employees. Coles is the […]

Pakistan offers India peaceful solution to Jammu and Kashmir conflict — RT EN

20 Apr 2022 10:13 am Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has called on India to find a peaceful solution to the Jammu and Kashmir conflict “in the interest of shared peace and prosperity”. Both states have signaled a willingness to talk within the framework of the Shanghai organization. On Sunday, Pakistan’s new Prime Minister […]

American Airlines offers bus service instead of connecting flights — RT DE

10 Apr 2022 3:04 pm With energy prices likely to continue rising into the peak summer travel season, bizarre twists in the conventional behavior of western governments and corporations are to be expected. Such as airlines that offer buses instead of connecting flights. Due to the sanctions imposed on Russia, diesel prices continue to rise […]