Russian business community remains open to cooperation — RT EN

Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia’s economy will remain open, despite sanctions and attempts by the West to isolate Russia. Russia will expand its cooperation with countries interested in mutually beneficial cooperation. The Russian economy will “certainly remain open to cooperation, even under the new conditions”. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on […]

Iranian leaders open to ‘compromise’ on nuclear issue — RT EN

According to the Qatari foreign minister, the Iranian leadership is open to a “compromise” to revive the nuclear deal. The Emir of Qatar arrived in Tehran in mid-May to mediate between Washington and Tehran, among other things. Qatar’s foreign minister said on Saturday, according to Al Jazeera television, that the Iranian leadership had expressed its […]

BRICS open to new members — RT DE

Speaking at the BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting on Thursday evening Beijing time, Chinese President Xi Jinping said the world is facing a number of challenges, including economic recovery, a widening wealth gap and acute problems such as climate change and regulation of the digital space. “The BRICS should … oppose hegemonism and power politics, resist […]

Polling stations open — RT DE

This Sunday, a new state parliament will be elected in the northernmost state of the Federal Republic. A good 2.3 million people are invited to vote. The ruling CDU is the favourite. The state elections in Schleswig-Holstein have begun. The polling stations opened at 8 a.m. Delays or incidents have not become known, said a […]

Dispute on open letter: Schwarzer for solution of “compromises”

On April 27, 28 German intellectuals and artists published their open letter to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz. In this they welcome his previous actions in the Ukraine conflict, but warn against further deliveries of heavy weapons to Ukraine and express their unconditional concern about a Third World War. According to a recent opinion poll two-thirds […]