Drug report submitted: pandemic is on "Stress test" for addiction help

For addicts and their relatives, a lot of help breaks down during the pandemic. The drug commissioner of the federal government Ludwig therefore wants to anchor low-threshold offers more firmly, it says in the current drug report. Meanwhile, the increasing use of cannabis among adolescents is a cause for concern. The Federal Drug Commissioner Daniela […]

Strike against money laundering network: Reul is happy about "damn big thing"

In the early hours of the morning, homes are searched and suspects arrested in three federal states. It is about allegations of money laundering and terrorist financing. Hundreds of officials confiscate extensive evidence and luxury items worth millions. Eleven suspects were arrested in a raid against members of an international money laundering network in North […]

Use in three federal states: large-scale raid against money laundering network

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Bremen, more than a thousand emergency services have been involved in a large-scale operation against organized crime since the early morning. According to the Dusseldorf police, police officers, tax investigators and employees of the public prosecutor’s office searched more than 80 houses, apartments, offices and shops. Ten suspects were […]

Money laundering in professional football: police smash huge smugglers’ ring

Highly mobile leadership, money laundering through player transfers – and huge amounts of cocaine: the Spanish police, together with authorities from numerous countries, have dug a huge smuggling ring. Immense amounts of drugs and cash were also seized. The Spanish police, in cooperation with colleagues from Germany and other countries, smashed what they say is […]

Dutch head of government: Police fear Mafia attack on Rutte

The Netherlands has been in turmoil since the murder of investigative journalist Peter De Vries. Organized crime is seen as pulling the cord. Now the mafia is also threatening the security of Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The authorities tighten their security precautions. The Dutch police apparently fear an attack on Prime Minister Mark Rutte – […]