Selective outrage over Ukraine is being run by a well-oiled propaganda machine — RT DE

Westerners have been led like sheep into the next emoji crusade: Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine. Professional virtue guards are fueling citizens’ anger at Russia. When will this thoughtless signaling of virtue and morality with every new trend finally end? A comment by Robert Bridge While some in the West may find a kindred […]

Outrage over speech by Azov member — RT DE

8 Apr 2022 11:44 am The speech by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy to the Greek parliament on Thursday caused debate and outrage in the country. The reason is that Zelenskiy’s appearance was linked to a video message from a member of Ukraine’s far-right Azov battalion. Several Greek politicians have expressed their outrage after a member […]

Duden advises against using the word “Jew” – Central Council of Jews reacts with outrage — RT DE

8 Feb 2022 06:15 am According to the Duden, the term “Jew” has too much historical predisposition and is “perceived as discriminatory”. Instead, synonyms should be used. The Central Council of Jews in Germany is outraged and sees the recommended alternatives as discriminatory. The German Duden recommends avoiding the expressions “Jüdin” or “Jude”. Instead, “Jewish […]

Outrage at Bishop Voderholzer — RT DE

5 Feb 2022 06:25 am The Regensburg Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer caused outrage at the Synodal Assembly in Frankfurt am Main on Thursday with statements that put the sexual abuse into perspective. The churchman claims in a reaction that he was misunderstood. The Bishop of Regensburg, Rudolf Voderholzer, put the sexual abuse of children into perspective […]