Party leader Kickl himself falls ill: FPÖ calls for lockdown protests in Vienna

The fourth corona wave, the announced lockdown and the planned mandatory vaccination are putting Austria’s society to the acid test. While the FPÖ is talking about “dictatorship” and mobilizing for mass protests, President Van der Bellen urges reason. One day after the announcement of a new lockdown in Austria, there are protests. Several thousand critics […]

Hotspot in Austria: Salzburg clinics are preparing for triage

Due to the rapidly increasing number of corona patients, there is a risk of overloading the intensive care units in Salzburg. The state clinics therefore set up a triage team. Treatment of all patients according to the applicable standards could soon no longer be guaranteed. Hospital care in the Austrian state of Salzburg is on […]

After resigning as Chancellor: Kurz is now a member of Parliament

Sebastian Kurz resigns as Chancellor of Austria because of corruption investigations. Now the 35-year-old sits as the leader of the ÖVP parliamentary group. As a member of parliament, he is initially entitled to immunity. After his resignation as Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz was sworn in as a member of parliament. Despite the corruption investigations […]

"The system has to come to an end": In short, and the ÖVP U-Committee is imminent

Kurz gives up the post of chancellor, withdraws into the party and parliamentary group. But the ÖVP corruption affair is not over. A parliamentary committee of inquiry is supposed to deal with the allegations against the young former chancellor and his loyal followers. A parliamentary committee of inquiry is supposed to examine the alleged machinations […]

Schallenberg in the criticism: violent exchange of blows to ex-Chancellor Kurz

During his inaugural address in the Austrian National Council, Chancellor Schallenberg encounters angry opposition. The SPÖ calls on the ÖVP politician to separate from his predecessor’s apparatus of power. But Schallenberg stays with it: he remains loyal to Kurz for a while. In the Austrian National Council, the government coalition and the opposition have fought […]