FDP and Green Youth in a duel: "The 1.5-degree target is non-negotiable, but there are ways to get there"

The climate summit is coming to an end, but the fight against the climate crisis is only just beginning for the coming federal government. Timon Dzienus, chairman of the Green Youth, and Nemir Ali, vice-chief of the Young Liberals, have very different views of the traffic light’s climate in the discussion on ntv.de. Both know […]

Participants praise progress: climate conference is being extended

Because the delegates in Glasgow cannot come to an agreement by evening, they are extending the negotiations to at least Saturday. Meanwhile, Environment Minister Schulze praised the summit as a “paradigm shift”. The environmental organization Germanwatch is also seeing positive signals. The negotiations at the world climate conference drag on until at least Saturday. Only […]

Ozone hole in the climate laboratory: environmental bomb that was well marketed

UV light demolishes our skin. The radiation gets stuck in the ozone layer and is absorbed, but in 1985 the world found out: Our protective cover has a huge hole and popular cooling and insulating materials are to blame. Only four years later, however, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are banned worldwide, despite opposition from industry. How did […]

Big gap to Paris Agreement: USA and China agree on more climate protection

China and the USA want to do more to protect the climate together. Both states therefore recognize that the current efforts to achieve the Paris climate protection goals are insufficient. The agreement is not more specific. Meanwhile, dozens of scientists are warning against inaction. The two largest greenhouse gas emitters in the world, China and […]

To meet the 1.5 degree target: Baerbock calls for a climate check for laws

Annalena Baerbock wants climate protection to be the benchmark for the entire federal government. The Green leader is therefore calling for a binding climate check for all laws that will be passed by a future traffic light coalition. The Greens chairman Annalena Baerbock is demanding a binding climate check from a future traffic light coalition […]

Bangladesh fears about the future: Fariha Aumi is concerned with 0.5 degrees

At the age of eight, Fariha Aumi experienced a flood of the century. There are now such floods every year in Bangladesh. The country is one of the most severely affected by climate change in the world. For Aumi and her family, the difference between 1.5 and 2 degrees is a matter of survival. The […]

Rice cultivation, cows, garbage and natural gas: methane – a potent interim solution for the climate

The global community is heading towards missing its climate goals. Again. There is an astonishingly simple way that states and governments can buy time: to reduce the emission of the very effective greenhouse gas methane. COP26, the world climate conference in Glasgow, starts with a false start: Two of the biggest air polluters are even […]

Interview with the Climate Council author: "Each grade helps limit the risk"

Six years ago the countries of the world decided to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees – if possible to 1.5 degrees. The new progress report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has shown what will happen to the world if the 1.5-degree target is not achieved: tipping points that cannot […]

The ozone hole gaped over the South Pole: the environmental crisis that was resolved immediately

In the 1970s and 1980s, the world experienced climate change and the ozone hole almost simultaneously. One environmental crisis is as good as resolved today, the other is not. Why? Perhaps the best environmental protocol of all time and fear everywhere makes all the difference. The Tagesschau reported on climate change more than 40 years […]