EU Parliament ‘sponsors idiocy’ — RT EN

23 Nov 2022 18:22 After today the EU Parliament passed a resolution by a majority in which Russia was declared a “supporter of terrorism”, the Moscow Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now responded to this for the first time. The EU Parliament, which passed a non-binding resolution on Wednesday calling Russia a “state sponsor of […]

EU Parliament nominates Ukraine — RT EN

14 Oct 2022 09:03 am The Ukrainian people, Julian Assange and the Colombian Truth Commission have been nominated for this year’s Sakharov Prize awards. The winner of the human rights award will be decided next week. © Matteo Nardone The award is Europe’s highest honor for human rights activists. The prize was introduced in 1988 […]

Parliament left out – pipeline attack a secret of allied intelligence services — RT DE

13 Oct 2022 4:02 pm The federal government is also assuming “targeted sabotage” of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, “probably by state actors,” quoted left-wing MP Żaklin Nastić from an answer to a question. Now the information has to go to parliament, she demands. Many people rule out the possibility that it could […]

SPD vice-president of the Thuringian state parliament calls for a ban on the AfD – at least in Thuringia — RT DE

11 Oct 2022 9:45 p.m According to press reports, the Thuringian SPD politician Dorothea Marx has called for tougher action against the AfD. As a consequence of the observation by several state constitutional offices, the party must be banned – at least in Thuringia. The Thuringian SPD politician and Vice President of the Thuringian state […]

Thuringian state parliament hands out blankets during plenary session — RT DE

23 Sep 2022 2:57 p.m Cold rooms can be a hindrance for constructive work while sitting. The Thuringian state parliament reacted and sent blankets to the MPs – but “first for the women”. Source: © IMAGO/Jacob Schröter “It’s already very cold here,” confirmed the President of the Thuringian state parliament, Birgit Pommer (left), to […]

Break in the EU? – Parliament in Brussels classifies Hungary as an ‘autocracy’ — RT DE

15 Sep 2022 9:48 p.m The EU Parliament has denied Hungary the status of a democracy: the country is now a “hybrid system of electoral autocracy”. The move comes at a time when Brussels is reportedly preparing to cut funding for Hungary. The European Parliament decided on Thursday to designate Hungary as an “elective autocracy”. […]