Will parts of the pipe system be expropriated and used for a liquid gas terminal? — RT DE

In search of ways to get the current German gas crisis under control, the Federal Ministry of Economics apparently wants to take unconventional paths and use parts of the Nord Stream 2 plant. Pipes in the state’s own Baltic Sea are to be expropriated. On Thursday, Robert Habeck, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate […]

Danger from American nuclear power plants – “Fake” spare parts were installed — RT DE

13 Feb 2022 10:36 pm An investigation by the responsible supervisory authority in the USA has shown that an unexplained number of “counterfeit”, non-original and non-approved spare parts have been installed in American nuclear power plants. As a result, there is a risk of serious accidents and damage, according to the investigators. An undetermined number […]

Parts of the West are shutting down strafing in Ukraine – only the British are acting consistently — RT EN

5 Feb 2022 10:20 p.m The British government is behaving like a true warmonger: while a number of states in the West are actively trying to avoid a major war with Russia, London is just as actively working to trigger it: centuries of perpetual drills. A commentary by Gevorg Mirsayan Responsibility: This is the difference […]