Lean result in Saxony: Kretschmer loses votes as CDU boss

In the last election for the Saxon CDU chairman, Michael Kretschmer received almost 96 percent of the delegate’s votes. This time the result is significantly weaker. While he enjoys great approval as Prime Minister, he is losing support within his own ranks. The Saxon CDU has confirmed its chairman Michael Kretschmer for another two years […]

Re-elected with 99.4 percent: ÖVP elected Kurz almost unanimously as chairman

Short festival at the ÖVP party congress: the delegates re-elect the chancellor to head their party with an overwhelming majority. In his speech, the 35-year-old swears the party on a restrictive migration course. The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has been confirmed in office as party leader of the ÖVP. The 35-year-old was elected chairman with […]

Before voting on the election manifesto: Habeck declares his party free

It is a warning to the green grassroots: his keynote speech before the vote on the election manifesto extensively devotes party leader Habeck to a value for which his party does not otherwise burn: Without freedom, there is no climate protection and no social policy, he urges the delegates. Green leader Robert Habeck contradicted the […]

Baerbock, climate, drones: that’s what the Green Party Congress is all about

Little sleep, the spotlight and thousands of decisions – it’s going to be an important weekend for the Greens. They want to adopt their election manifesto at the online party conference. “Everything is in there,” they promise. The campaign motto “Ready because it is you” is no less brash. The Greens hope that they and […]

Breakdown at FDP party congress: Decision on drug policy causes a stir

Advocates of a more liberal drug policy in the FDP already believe they have reached their goal: their application to include the “Portuguese model” in the election program met with broad approval at the federal party congress. But the party leadership intervened – apparently there were communication problems. Proponents of a more liberal drug policy […]