Only Olaf Scholz "Fig leaf": Ziemiak attacks SPD because of left alliance

In Berlin and MeckPom, after the elections, it is becoming apparent that the left will participate in the government – under the leadership of the SPD. For CDU General Secretary Ziemiak, this is proof that the left wing of the SPD is too influential. CDU Vice Klöckner senses “historical oblivion” in the SPD. The CDU […]

Explorations after the election: FDP doubts the Union’s ability to govern

The FDP and the Greens have found their common denominator in preliminary investigations. Now they are clarifying whether the SPD top candidate Scholz or the loser Laschet will be allowed to call himself Chancellor in the future. A tendency is emerging. They publicly question the cohesion of the Union. One week after the federal election, […]

Gas station attendant killed in mask dispute: "Murder is horrible, but not a surprise"

Warnings have been given for a long time against an increasingly aggressive mood among the population. The Thuringian constitution protection chief regrets that “there always have to be deaths”. The “cold-blooded murder” in the mask dispute does not surprise him. A criminal psychologist, on the other hand, warns against jumping to conclusions. The fatal attack […]

Paul Ziemiak im "Early start": "2015 must not be repeated"

What is happening in Afghanistan is “obviously a disaster” and “an absolute catastrophe,” says CDU General Secretary Ziemiak. It is important that a wave of refugees to Europe is prevented. CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak has criticized the Foreign Office for its assessment of the situation in Afghanistan. “I am also shocked by the misjudgment […]