Is there still a peace solution for Ukraine? — RT DE

29 Sep 2022 10:12 p.m Which parameters could be useful for a lasting peace solution? An extended negotiating table, with mediators who have tended to go unnoticed to date, or must an indefinite ceasefire be implemented first? The search for peacemaking alternatives. An analysis by Dr. Anton Friesen We are witnessing an escalation of the […]

Peace policy and no arms deliveries – craftsmen protest against the war in Dessau — RT DE

29 Aug 2022 7:47 am The District Craftsmen’s Association of Anhalt Dessau-Roßlau held a rally on the market square in Dessau on Sunday under the motto “No arms deliveries to the Ukraine! Peace policy instead of war!” The participants wanted to send a signal against war and sanctions and for peace policy. On August 28, […]

Energy policy endangers social peace – local politicians write a letter to Habeck — RT DE

22 Aug 2022 10:21 am In a letter to Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck, politicians from the CDU, AfD and leftists from the Saxon town of Schneeberg have warned of social unrest in Germany given the high inflation. However, they are not the first with their warning. In a joint fire letter to Federal […]