Peace in Ukraine only after Russian troops withdraw — RT EN

A peace in Ukraine on Russian terms does not bring security. This was stated by Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. The Ukrainians must be helped to ward off Russia’s “brutal invasion”. The “European peace order” was “irretrievably shattered”. For German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, the withdrawal of all Russian soldiers from Ukraine is a prerequisite […]

“We will always remain a party of peace” — RT DE

30 Apr 2022 7:30 p.m At a small party congress of the Greens, co-leader Omid Nouripour defended Ukraine’s military support. In his speech, however, he emphasized that the arms deliveries were not a farewell to efforts to find peaceful solutions to the conflict. The Bündnis 90/Die Grünen party met in Düsseldorf on Saturday for a […]

Enemy state Germany – No peace treaty, but involvement in US and NATO aggression — RT DE

30 Apr 2022 4:14 pm By Wolfgang Bittner Quite a few people are surprised at the aggression emanating from the Berlin government against Russia. Obviously there are guidelines from Washington. But why is the federal government going, why is Chancellor Olaf Scholz going into this? It is important to know that Germany has not only […]

Greens betray peace policy – documentation of a party exit — RT DE

Apr 29, 2022 7:23 p.m The “Berliner Zeitung” is reprinting the resignation letter of a long-time member of the “Greens” this Friday. The author, Thomas Krings, justifies his decision by saying that the party would turn the spiral of military escalation and thus betray its principles. The now former “Green” Thomas Krings explained his motives […]

Bike for Peace — RT EN

28 Apr 2022 09:03 am Some distances can also be covered by bike or on foot, the ADAC explained to its members in a campaign on the occasion of the Ukraine war. The aim is to reduce Germany’s dependence on Russian energy imports. Each individual can contribute to this. In order to reduce Germany’s dependence […]

Foreign companies should “be able to work in peace” in Russia — RT DE

26 Apr 2022 6:56 pm Despite Western sanctions, the Russian economy can function stably, according to the Russian President. The rights of companies should be respected and fully supported. This also applies to Western companies that have stayed in Russia. Russia is under unprecedented sanctions pressure that continues to intensify. Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed […]