Russia sends peacekeeping forces to Nagorno-Karabakh — RT EN

3 Aug 2022 10:05 p.m According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Russian peacekeeping forces in Nagorno-Karabakh, together with Armenia and Azerbaijan, are trying to stabilize the situation in the region after the escalation. The EU also speaks up and calls for peace. The Russian peacekeeping contingent in Nagorno-Karabakh has identified a violation of the ceasefire […]

Polish minister wants ‘armed NATO peacekeeping mission’ in Ukraine — RT EN

16 mar 2022 12:02 p.m After the meeting of high-ranking representatives of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia with the Ukrainian President, Warsaw called for an armed NATO peacekeeping mission to be sent to Ukraine. Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski called on NATO to send a “peacekeeping mission” to Ukraine after a meeting with […]

“By no means a peacekeeping mission” — RT EN

22 Feb 2022 6:49 p.m The leaders of the party and faction of the Left Party have criticized Russia’s actions in Donbass. It is a “breach of international law” that endangers peace in Europe. However, there were also demands to continue to hold on to an understanding with Moscow. The party and faction leaders of […]