CO2-neutral and ready for industry: Researchers produce fuel from the air and the sun

Sounds like science fiction, but Swiss researchers have actually made a fuel from sunlight and air. So far, your plant has produced little of it, but the method is ripe for industrial application. Aviation’s kerosene requirements could be met by using 0.5 percent of the Sahara. With a solar refinery, researchers from Zurich and Potsdam […]

Hours of waiting: Cyber ​​attack paralyzes gas stations in Iran

In Iran, the payment system for many gas stations across the country is failing. Media reports of long queues and non-working gas pumps. The government in Tehran has now confirmed rumors of a hacker attack. Iran blamed a cyber attack for a nationwide failure of gasoline supplies. “The Supreme National Security Council has confirmed a […]

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Admission to coalition talks: Lindner wants to negotiate fuel prices

Fuel prices are currently at a record level in Germany. Above all, the high level of taxes and duties is causing discussions. FDP boss Lindner sees politics as an obligation and says he will talk about it at the negotiating table with the SPD and the Greens. In view of the steep rise in fuel […]

Lindner should enforce it: Scheuer demands the fuel price cap from Ampel

Until a new government is in office, Andreas Scheuer will remain Minister of Transport. But he cannot push new projects. Therefore, his successors should cap the price of petrol. When asked who should implement this, the CSU politician already has an idea. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer sees the future federal government as obliged to […]

Relaxation of the gasoline crisis ?: Petrol station association contradicts government

According to the British government, the fuel crisis is “absolutely under control” again. The petrol station association cannot confirm that. More than a quarter of the petrol stations are still sitting on dry land. And that although supplies are being delivered. The British petrol station association PRA sees things differently than the government no relaxation […]

Attention consumers: That will change in October

The digital sick leave is coming, the time change is pending, the tax return is slowly due, new regulations apply to corona rapid tests. And in the garden you can really reach out again. This and more await you in the new month. Digital sick leave is coming The electronic certificate of incapacity for work […]