Celebrities celebrate Thanksgiving: Opinions are divided on turkey

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the USA every year. Many celebrities also use the opportunity to explain how grateful they are for everything: husband, family, Bora Bora. Only at the traditional feast is there disagreement. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the United States. Turkey is traditionally eaten on the fourth Thursday in November […]

US pop star praises schnapps distillery: Pink loves herbal liqueur from Western Pomerania

Two years ago, Pink raved about a herbal liqueur from Western Pomerania. Now the American pop star is again reporting enthusiastically about the small German schnapps distillery on social networks. Their reach has a huge impact. US pop star Pink attracted worldwide attention with an Instagram post for a small schnapps distillery in Western Pomerania. […]

"Forever": Pink says goodbye to her father

A year ago, Pink’s father fell ill with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. Now the Vietnam War veteran has apparently lost the battle against the disease. The singer announced on social media. Singer Pink mourns the loss of her beloved father, Jim Moore. On Instagram, she said goodbye to the Vietnam War veteran with […]