Against refugees from Belarus: Poland is planning "solid, high barrier" at the limit

The situation on the Polish-Belarusian border is coming to a head. Poland’s parliament votes in favor of building a barrier to curb the flow of refugees. Foreign Minister Maas, meanwhile, accuses Belarusian ruler Lukashenko of being involved in organized crime. Poland’s parliament has approved the government’s plan to build a permanent fortification on the border […]

Brandenburg puts pressure on the Maas: "The problem is Belarus, the solution lies in the Kremlin"

Brandenburg’s Interior Minister Michael Stübgen has asked Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to take part in solving the problem of refugees arriving from Belarus. “A lot more has to happen here diplomatically, because we are dealing with hybrid warfare, with which Poland, Germany and the EU as a whole are supposed to be put under […]

Controversial judgment on EU law: Von der Leyen threatens Poland with fines

Poland’s constitutional court ruled national law over EU law. The commission is apparently already playing through possible reactions to the judge’s ruling. Should there be a lawsuit before the European Court of Justice, it could end up being expensive for Poland. After the controversial Polish constitutional court ruling on the relationship between national law and […]

Over 4000 people since August: Illegal migration via Belarus is increasing

Belarus has been using migrants as leverage against the EU for months and is no longer preventing them from continuing their journey. The number of illegal entries into Germany on this route is skyrocketing – by mid-October it is almost 2000. The situation in the asylum centers is increasingly tense. According to the Federal Police, […]

After scandal ruling: Thousands protest for Poland to remain in the EU

Because they fear for their country’s EU membership, thousands of Poles take to the streets against a controversial ruling by the Constitutional Court. Former EU Council President Tusk called for this. Ex-President Walesa is also involved – and sharply criticized the government. In Poland, thousands of people across the country demonstrated against a controversial ruling […]

Tickets for Qatar almost certain: England and Denmark will be harmed

England should hardly be able to take part in the World Cup. In Andorra, the Three Lions win as expected. Denmark defends its perfect record in Group F and now has 21 points from seven games. England and Denmark march safely towards the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The Three Lions won 5: 0 (2: […]