New line in EU security policy? EPP leader Weber agrees with Kyiv: "Guns, guns, guns"

Once again there is talk of a redesign of the common foreign and security policy of the European Union (EU). Manfred Weber (CSU), the chairman of the group of the European People’s Party (EPP) in the EU Parliament, was this time the one who wants to advance the militarization of the EU with high-flying plans. […]

Colombia’s ‘bloody coal’ – energy policy at the expense of people and the environment — RT EN

Because of the sanctions against Russia, Germany could buy more coal from Colombia in the future. Activists and indigenous people there complain about human rights violations and environmental pollution. In 2020 alone, 65 conservationists and environmental activists were killed. El Cerrejón in northern Colombia resembles a lunar landscape. On around 690 square kilometers, almost the […]

“Just so” – SPD foreign policy leader Roth accuses Russia of kidnapping children — RT DE

SPD MP Michael Roth dug deep into the box of anti-Russian clichés while tweeting. Roth used the 280 characters of his message to revive historical jargon that he believed had been overcome with the terms “rapid procedure”, “deportation” and “Russification”. by Mirko Lehmann In a tweet last Friday, Michael Roth, the former German “Minister of […]

Billions for Ukraine, nothing for Latin America – Mexico’s president denounces US policy — RT EN

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador launched a five-day tour of four Central American countries and Cuba on Thursday. There he sharply criticized the US for quickly sending billions to Ukraine instead of supporting development aid in Central America. by Maria Muller During his tour of several Central American countries, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López […]