“We do not lack political will” — RT DE

Ukraine has said it will not hesitate to sign the documents on attacks on military facilities in Russia. The Ukrainian authorities should not lack the political will for this decision. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexei Danilov has threatened Russia with an attack on military installations. The Security and Defense […]

"Super Mario" leaves the political stage: will the EU and the euro follow?

by Kaspar Sachsen Not only the questionable “corona measures” and the idiotic anti-Russian sanctions, but primarily the “whatever it takes” of the then ECB boss Marion Draghi in 2012 are now responsible for the devastating devaluation of the euro and thus the impoverishment of millions of EU citizens due to persistently high inflation. By buying […]

Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s most famous quotes that shaped his political career — RT EN

7 Apr 2022 2:13 p.m The prominent Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky has died after a long and serious illness. This was announced by the speaker of the Russian State Duma on Wednesday. “RT DE” presents some of Zhirinovsky’s famous statements that left no one indifferent. Zhirinovsky had a unique personal style that left few people […]

Saudi political scientist on the Ukraine war: You can’t rely on the USA

Saudi Arabian political scientist and director of the Center for Strategic Studies at the Prince Saud Al-Faisal Institute for Diplomatic Studies in Riyadh Mansour Almarzoqi spoke to the mirrorabout his country’s “cautious” criticism of Russia, Western arrogance and US foreign policy. When asked why Saudi Arabia has so far avoided condemning the Russian operation in […]