How the media and politicians react to the partial suspension of Hartz IV sanctions — RT DE

by Susan Bonath Closed companies and restaurants, bans on artists, measly short-time work benefits: the corona lockdown has taught many Germans to make ends meet with Hartz IV. More than five million people are currently dependent on it. They must behave well, otherwise the standard rate, which continues to lag behind inflation, will be cut. […]

Evaluation of the corona measures by politicians is a long time coming – citizens are faster — RT DE

30 Apr 2022 07:40 am Germany is discussing why the official bodies simply do not want to be able to communicate the benefits of the corona policy of the federal government and the federal states. A council of experts appointed in March 2021 is making no progress. In return, citizens have taken up the topic […]

Russian politicians slam ban on competition for swimmers Yevgeny Rylov — RT EN

Apr 22, 2022 10:54 p.m Russian swimmer Yevgeny Rylov is to be banned from performing for nine months for his support of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. The chairman of the Duma Committee on Sport describes this as “Russophobia bordering on Nazism.” On Friday, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) banned Russian swimmer and two-time Olympic […]

Catalan politicians spied on with Pegasus software – regional government demands investigation — RT DE

21 Apr 2022 09:40 am According to research, more than 60 Catalan politicians have been spied on using Pegasus software. Catalan regional government president Pere Aragonès said the Spanish government must at least have known about the espionage. However, the Spanish government denies any wrongdoing. An affair involving the spying on Catalan politicians is causing […]

Dissatisfaction and criticism from media politicians and IT providers about the blocking of RT and Sputnik — RT DE

29 Mar 2022 8:40 am In politics and in the mainstream media, there is displeasure and criticism about the censorship measures against RT DE and SNA/Sputnik. Suddenly considerations against their blocking are loud. IT companies are apparently bothered by the additional effort and the associated costs. The message seems to have gotten a little lost […]

Several Russian politicians and oligarchs speak out against war — RT EN

28 Feb 2022 2:08 pm Not only numerous artists, athletes and scientists are currently speaking out against Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Some Russian politicians and billionaires also condemn the events in the neighboring country. Vyateshlav Marchayev, a State Duma deputy for the Communist Party for the Buryatia region, has criticized the military operation in Ukraine […]

“All of Germany must become 2G-free” – politicians and retailers are pushing for easing — RT DE

9 Feb 2022 11:11 am Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach warned on Tuesday against a quick lifting of measures and described the discussion about easing as inappropriate. Some politicians and especially the trade obviously see it differently. The calls for easing perspectives in the COVID-19 pandemic are getting louder and louder. The leader of […]