Afghanistan conference in Moscow: Russia praises Taliban’s efforts

After the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, Russia wants to expand its influence in the region. Foreign Minister Lavrov praised the cooperation with the Taliban at a conference in Moscow. However, he attaches further conditions to recognition of the new rulers in Kabul. According to the Kremlin, the Taliban ruling in Afghanistan are trying […]

"Martyrs and heroes": Taliban pay tribute to suicide bombers

Attacks have continued and the number of victims has risen since the Taliban came to power. Now the appointed Minister of the Interior, Hakkani, pays tribute to those supporters who lose their lives in suicide bombings. He calls them heroes and donates to bereaved families. The radical Islamic Taliban paid tribute to suicide bombers who […]

Too little climate protection: Green youth criticize traffic light plans

In the youth organization of the Greens, displeasure is stirring: The proposals of the SPD, FDP and their parent party for a possible traffic light government do not go far enough. The youth criticism is aimed at the core green issue: climate policy. The activists from Fridays for Future also speak out. The Green Youth […]

Refugees come from southern Europe: Seehofer is thinking about entry controls

Asylum seekers in the EU must apply in the country where they were first registered by the authorities. This procedure is sometimes disregarded by states – Interior Minister Seehofer wants to take action against it. However, he sees no need for action on the border with Poland. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer sees an urgent […]

Whistleblowing or revenge ?: AfD politician is said to have celebrated sex parties in the state parliament

In an anonymous letter it is alleged that an AfD member is said to have organized drinking bouts and sex parties in the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Another AfD man spreads the allegations, the party rejects them. The security service could bring light into the darkness. The allegations sound absurd at first: A member […]