Ukrainian soldiers shoot dead 10 Russian POWs and post evidence themselves — RT EN

18 Nov 2022 4:23 pm A Ukrainian assault squad has apparently shot dead a group of defenseless Russian soldiers. The Ukrainians themselves posted video evidence of the crime online. The incident happened in the north of the Luhansk People’s Republic during the fighting for the strategically important city of Svatovo. Russian media reports on an […]

Liz Truss runs for UK PM post – More anti-Russian rhetoric expected — RT EN

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has joined the race to be the next prime minister. The politician promises to cut taxes and inflict “real pain” on Putin. China’s actions are also meant to be a challenge to the world. After the announced resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss also announced […]

Washington Post deliberately misrepresented situation of Donbass refugees — RT DE

by Stepan Kostetsky Last week, the Washington Post (WP) published a lengthy article entitled “Ukrainian Refugees in Russia Report Interrogation, Detention and Other Abuses,” reported on May 19. The piece was written by former WP Moscow bureau chief Michael Birnbaum and reporter Mary Ilyuschina (known as Maria when she was still working for Russian […]

Schröder leaves post as chairman of the board of Russian oil company Rosneft — RT EN

20 May 2022 13:17 Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder wants to leave the supervisory board of the Russian oil company Rosneft. Schröder, who is the head of the Rosneft supervisory board, announced that it was impossible for him to extend his mandate on the board, the group announced on Friday. More information coming soon… By blocking […]

‘As if the post office opened all letters’ – EU chat surveillance law to come at the end of March — RT DE

22 mar 2022 3:05 p.m The new EU law, which will oblige companies like WhatsApp, Apple, Google and others to screen encrypted chats for possible cases of child abuse, is expected to come into force at the end of March this year. According to the EU, it should help to strengthen the fight against child […]

Sacrifice Ukraine? – Washington Post says “aid” only makes sense for guerrilla and urban warfare — RT DE

7 mar 2022 11:28 am Recent US military “aid” to Ukraine is far more extensive than previous ones – and it is clearly designed for guerrilla and house-to-house warfare. The suspicion is confirmed: It was planned from the outset to burn the country as tinder for a war against Russia. The US has dramatically increased […]

Russian internal intelligence reports destruction of border observation post in Rostov region — RT DE

21 Feb 2022 11:22 am According to a report by the RIA Novosti news agency, the Russian domestic secret service FSB has allegedly destroyed a border observation post by a Ukrainian shell in the Rostov-on-Don region reported. According to the FSB, the shelling took place at 09:50 local time. There were no injuries or deaths. […]