community of action "75 years of the Nuremberg Code" criticizes vaccination practice: "Large field experiment"

The Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial began on December 9, 1946, after the trials against the main actors in the Nazi crimes. Up until August 20, 1947, twenty concentration camp doctors, one lawyer and two administrative clerks stood before the court in Nuremberg as the organizers of the crimes in the medical field. They were charged with […]

Too much culture? Nature lovers practice “Cancel Culture” – but left song summer takes place — RT DE

The practice of canceling rooms, performances and events that have long been promised at short notice has been spreading for years. Sometimes reasons are given, sometimes not. The cancellations often come from public authorities. Now the “nature lovers” have probably found it to their liking. The positive news first: The “Linke Liedersommer” will take place […]