Zelensky’s Presidential Office on Western Representatives in Davos: "F*** yourselves, you fools"

Ukraine’s presidential aide Alexei Arestovich has used obscene words and gestures to criticize Western politicians who are urging Kiev to make concessions to Russia for the sake of peace in controlling parts of territory the Kiev regime considers its own. These are nothing less than “Moscow’s allies”. In an interview for Mark Feigin on Wednesday […]

Macron narrowly ahead of Le Pen in French presidential election — RT EN

10 Apr 2022 8:05 p.m French President Emmanuel Macron and the right-wing conservative Marine Le Pen are contesting the runoff election for the highest office in France. According to initial projections, Macron is 28.6 percent, Le Pen 24.4 percent. For Conservatives and Socialists, the result is a debacle. According to projections, incumbent head of state […]