“Nord Stream 2 must not be taboo” – left-wing politician Serious in view of price increases — RT DE

17 Aug 2022 6:56 pm Given the inflation driven by rising energy prices, the coming months will be even more difficult for citizens and for the economy, predicts left-wing politician Klaus Ernst. He advocates talks with Moscow instead of sanctions. As already historically high inflation is fueled by seemingly never-ending energy costs, the near-completed but […]

Price drop in July is 0.39 percent – RT DE

11 Aug 2022 6:15 p.m Against the background of rising inflation in Europe and the USA, the Russian State Statistics Service has recorded deflation for the second month in a row: food is becoming cheaper. However, the trend does not apply to all areas: services are becoming more expensive. To Declarations by Russia’s Federal Service […]

Stop whining – NATO chief sees high price to pay for Ukraine support — RT DE

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has reportedly urged a European Union lawmaker to “stop whining” and endure measures to help Ukraine in the ongoing war with Russia — regardless of the high cost. According to a report by the Kyiv Post and Newsweek, Stoltenberg said in a speech to the European Parliament that all EU […]

Habeck announces “huge price increases” – lights go out in Augsburg — RT DE

Normally, an economics minister should strive to increase the supply and prosperity of his citizens – Robert Habeck does the opposite: he prepares citizens and municipalities to make sacrifices and even higher prices. This is already catching. The voters are allowed to bear the brunt of the government’s self-inflicted misery. by Kaspar Sachsen Robert Habeck […]

Experts warn of dramatic oil price hikes — RT DE

Although there have already been enormous price increases as a result of the economic effects of the Ukraine conflict, the Western heads of government want to decide on further price-boosting measures against Russia. Experts have warned of a drastic global rise in oil prices, Canadian business news channel BNN Bloomberg reported. Analysts at JPMorgan Chase […]