After insulting homosexuals: Trial of incitement to hatred against priests

The Polish theology professor Dariusz Oko does not want to accept a penalty order for sedition. Therefore, he is now being tried in Germany. He described homosexuals as “cancerous ulcers”. Poland sees “European standards” threatened by the process. The arch-conservative Polish theology professor Dariusz Oko will have to answer for incitement to hatred before the […]

"Dangerous woman": Witness: Maxwell was Epsteins "Landlady"

The Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell has to answer in New York for helping with the sexual abuse of minors. In the process, a former employee describes the strict rules that applied to the staff on the multimillionaire’s estate. A former domestic worker of the US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has portrayed his long-time confidante Ghislaine […]

BGH examines revision: NSU helper André E. is back on trial

In the NSU trial, the helper André E. receives a surprisingly mild sentence. But it is now on the brink: For the first and probably last time, the BGH is negotiating the right-wing terrorist complex. The verdict is expected in mid-December. How close was the relationship between the NSU trio and his helper André E.? […]

First trial worldwide: State torture in Syria: Life imprisonment required

Thousands of people are said to have been tortured in Syria under the authority of Anwar R. The federal prosecutor’s office is now demanding life imprisonment for him. In his plea, the chief public prosecutor emphasizes Germany’s special responsibility. In the world’s first trial of murder and torture by the Syrian state, the federal prosecutor’s […]

"No culpable behavior": Complaints from corona sufferers in the Ischgl case dismissed

Countless vacationers are infected with Corona at the beginning of the pandemic in the Ischgl ski area. Some of them are now suing Austria. A court rejects initial claims for damages. Find consumer advocates: a judicial scandal. The Vienna Regional Court has dismissed the first claims for damages by German corona sufferers from Ischgl against […]

Epstein confidante trial: Witness: Abuse began at age 14

Ghislaine Maxwell has to answer in New York for helping with the sexual abuse of minors. The first lead witness seriously incriminates the long-time confidante of the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell is said to have participated actively in the rapes. In the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the first lead witness raised serious allegations against […]