US news channel withdraws critical report – furthering Kiev’s propaganda — RT EN

12 Aug 2022 10:17 am A commentary by Caitlin Johnstone After massive objections from the Ukrainian government, CBS News released a documentary taken off the gridin which numerous interviewees expressed concerns that a large part of the arms deliveries to Ukraine would ever make it to the front. The Ukrainian government then posted a protest […]

Orban criticizes arms deliveries to Ukraine – Kyiv alleges spread of “Russian propaganda” — RT EN

Criticism of Viktor Orbán came from Kyiv after he declared that neither the sanctions against Russia nor the arms deliveries to Kyiv had brought results. He also warned that the Ukraine conflict could lead to the end of Western supremacy. Statements by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán about the ineffectiveness of sanctions against Russia are […]

Propaganda of “non-traditional values” to be banned entirely — RT DE

In Russia, the propaganda of “non-traditional sexual relations” against minors is a criminal offense. The State Duma is now proposing to expand the law. In the future, the propaganda of such relationships, regardless of age, is to be banned. Duma spokesman Vyacheslav Volodin introduced a corresponding initiative last week. On Monday, the chairman of the […]

“Lured into the country with propaganda” – US mercenaries describe their Ukrainian “war adventure” to RT — RT EN

In an RT talk, two US mercenaries captured in Ukraine accuse the Ukrainian military of disorganization and incompetence. They explain their motivation for fighting for Ukraine by the effect of Western propaganda, which “addresses” veterans like them. Two US mercenaries working for the Ukrainian army were captured by Russian forces in the Kharkov region in […]

How German media fall for Ukrainian propaganda lies about Russian rapes — RT DE

by Vladislav Sankin Certainly, in any war, soldiers can commit crimes against civilians, and Russian military personnel are likely to be no exception. However, the handling of horror stories by Ukrainian officials suggests that at least the majority of these “stories” are a lying construct is to demonize the Russian army in the eyes of […]

British students must now report alleged Russian propaganda — RT EN

A Scottish university urged students to report “propaganda” after one of the lecturers was accused of conveying a pro-Russian perspective. He only tried to show different perspectives in the Ukraine conflict. The University of Edinburgh in Scotland has urged its students to report “misinformation” after one of its lecturers was accused of spreading “Russian fake […]

Selective outrage over Ukraine is being run by a well-oiled propaganda machine — RT DE

Westerners have been led like sheep into the next emoji crusade: Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine. Professional virtue guards are fueling citizens’ anger at Russia. When will this thoughtless signaling of virtue and morality with every new trend finally end? A comment by Robert Bridge While some in the West may find a kindred […]

“Russian art is not propaganda” — RT EN

Kirill Serebrennikov, the only Russian director admitted to this year’s Cannes Film Festival with his film “Tchaikovsky’s Wife,” speaks out against the boycott of Russian culture in the West. One of the most famous Russian artists and dissidents, the director Kirill Serebrennikov, presented his new film about the composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky on May 18 in […]