Many demos also in Germany: 40,000 protest in Vienna against Corona measures

Again, a number of people in Germany and Austria took to the streets to protest against the corona policies of the respective governments. Not all demonstrations were peaceful. In Vienna tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the currently applicable partial lockdown and the announced compulsory corona vaccination. There were […]

Politicians demand toughness: Borjans names protests in Saxony "fascistoid"

The march in front of the house of the Saxon Minister of Health Köpping is disturbing. The criticism from politics is correspondingly harsh. In addition, calls for more severity against opponents of measures are again loud. The police watched too often, they say. The practical test is already pending. The Saxon Minister of Health Petra […]

In Saxony and Thuringia: Hundreds of opponents go "to stroll"

In Saxony and Thuringia, only stationary rallies with a few participants are currently allowed, the reason is the disastrous corona situation in the federal states. Nevertheless, hundreds of people are again moving through Freiberg, Erfurt, Chemnitz and other cities to protest against the measures to combat pandemic. In Saxony and Thuringia, around 2000 people protested […]

Protest against "Black Friday": Activists block Amazon shipping centers

Activists around the world are using the bargain day “Black Friday” as an opportunity to draw attention to “wasteful consumption”: In doing so, they are blocking several shipping centers of the mega-corporation Amazon. In Germany, too, activists take to the streets to set an example. In protest against the US online retailer Amazon, activists called […]

Study shows differences: Western"Lateral thinker" tick differently than in the east

Supporters of the “lateral thinkers” movement are united in the fight against the state corona measures. A new study now shows that the scene is otherwise very heterogeneous. For example, the protests in East Germany are much less esoteric than in the southwest, according to the authors. Scientists see the roots of the “lateral thinking” […]

Burning barricades and firecrackers: Corona protests in Brussels are escalating

Tens of thousands of opponents of the corona measures take to the streets in the Belgian capital. This leads to riots. Some demonstrators attacked the police, who responded by using water cannons, among other things. In Brussels, tens of thousands of people protested against the corona measures imposed by the government. According to an AFP […]

Austria’s government alarmed: neo-Nazis infiltrate corona protests

In Linz two men set fire to the patrol car after a police check – they apparently want to kill the officers. At the demonstrations against the Corona measures in Vienna, neo-Nazis are heating up the mood. Austria’s interior minister sees the country facing further radicalization. According to Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP), there is […]