sex war in the "peace party"

by Diether Dehm If “at present the pressure is growing” on the SPD leaders, namely Scholz and Schwesig, to apologize publicly for earlier pro-Russian friendliness and finally accept heavy arms deliveries to Ukraine, then the entire Ostpolitik must also be delegitimized. Willy Brandt has been “portrayed” on public television these days – less for praising […]

Civil Society Appeal on Ukraine Crisis: "Peace policy instead of war hysteria"

Various political forces have issued a joint call for a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis. The appeal, signed by Left Party politicians Sahra Wagenknecht, Sevim DaÄźdelen, Gregor Gysi and Oskar Lafontaine, as well as peace activists Eugen Drewermann and Reiner Braun, rejects the “unilateral blame on Russia” by some Western governments. This is “increasingly […]