Raid in several federal states: Police are investigating gang of people smugglers

Hundreds of police officers search buildings in Berlin, Brandenburg and Thuringia on suspicion of smuggling Vietnamese women. The focus is on a 52-year-old who is said to have mediated fake paternity. Several Berlin notaries should also be involved. During a large-scale operation by the federal police against people smugglers of Vietnamese origin, more than 40 […]

Raid in two federal states: 300 police officers track down vaccination passport forgers

There are more and more raids across Germany to track down counterfeiters of vaccination certificates. The police suspect five men from the Hildesheim area of ​​imitating vaccination certificates. House searches not only find false passports. Investigators in Lower Saxony and Hesse have seized numerous pieces of evidence in connection with allegedly forged vaccination passports. Accordingly, […]

Raids in several countries: police smash money laundering ring

Successful blow against an international money laundering gang: In the course of “Operation Carta Bianca” there are raids and arrests in several federal states as well as in Italy and Switzerland. The accused are said to have collected millions in Italy for years with false certificates for alleged energy savings. The police raided several countries […]

Smugglers targeting: police storm brothels in northern Germany

Hundreds of officials in northern Germany set out for a large-scale raid. The target is three suspects who are said to have forced women and transsexuals into prostitution during the corona pandemic. The police are also finding evidence in Hungary. More than 350 investigators have raided northern Germany for illegal smuggling in connection with the […]

Dangerous homes searched: raid against Islamist cell in North Rhine-Westphalia

Suspected supporters of the Islamic State are said to have trained with axes and knives in a forest in North Rhine-Westphalia for an attack. Terrorism investigators have been targeting the suspects for some time. 350 police officers are now searching their apartments in the greater Aachen area. Special police units in North Rhine-Westphalia searched the […]