"16 years wasn’t enough": Merkel regrets unresolved conflicts with Erdogan

It should be Merkel’s last trip to Turkey as Federal Chancellor. In an interview with President Erdogan, she stressed the importance of good relationships and recognized Turkey’s role in caring for refugees. Once again, however, differences become clear. During her farewell visit to Turkey, Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out numerous unresolved conflicts in German-Turkish relations […]

Lira sinks to a record low: Erdogan dismisses central bank staff

The Turkish president apparently has little confidence in the monetary policy stance of the central bank. Despite a cut in the key interest rate last month – probably driven by Erdogan – three central bankers now have to go at his behest. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again interfered in the personnel policy […]

Arms talks in Sochi: Erdogan wants fighter jet cooperation with Putin

Turkey is a member of NATO, but President Erdogan is still relying on a Russian missile defense system. The cooperation between Ankara and Moscow on armaments projects could become even closer in the future. Erdogan advertises relevant projects to Kremlin chief Putin in Sochi. At their summit in Sochi, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and […]

Ankara announces arms purchases: Putin welcomes Erdogan in Sochi

The self-isolation lies behind the Kremlin boss and so Putin greets Turkish President Erdogan personally. The list of topics is long: the situation in Syrian Idlib, Russian gas deliveries or Ankara’s arms purchases, which NATO disapproves of. The Crimea is probably excluded. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan praised the cooperation […]

Integration through Foreign Policy: For a New German Turkey Strategy

Erdogan is offering young Germans with Turkish roots an identity offer through religion and, more recently, a German-language TV station. It is time for Germany to compete with this offer. These weeks will mark the 60th anniversary of the German-Turkish recruitment agreement. The agreement between the German and Turkish governments laid the foundation for decades […]

Interview about airport security: Taliban ask Turkey for help in Kabul

For many local NATO personnel, civilian flights from Afghanistan are a glimmer of hope after all troops have withdrawn. Turkey is apparently negotiating with the Taliban to support the operation of the airport in Kabul after August 31. Apparently the Islamists even ask Ankara directly for help. Despite the withdrawal of the Turkish armed forces […]

State control of the media: Erdogan plans steps against "Terror of lies"

A law to control social media was passed last year. That is obviously not enough for the Turkish President Erdogan. He plans further regulation. That is causing international criticism. A planned tightening of media legislation in Turkey has sparked international criticism. Statements by the Turkish leadership in this regard gave the impression that the measures […]