Inflation in euro zone hits record high – will the ECB raise interest rates? — RT DE

In view of the rapidly increasing currency devaluation in the euro zone, the nervousness in the European Central Bank is increasing. Central bankers have been announcing an interest rate hike for the euro area for weeks. At the same time, the economic outlook is deteriorating. In June 2022, inflation in the euro zone reached a […]

Material shortages in construction at record level – housing may be affected – RT DE

In view of scarce and expensive building materials, a shortage of skilled workers and economic risks, experts expect moderate growth in building construction in the coming years. Plans for more living space could therefore be slowed down. The prices for energy, food and raw materials have risen more than they have in decades. This also […]

Inflation rises to a record 8.1 percent — RT DE

May 31, 2022 4:02 p.m The ongoing Ukraine war is fueling inflation across the euro zone. In the meantime, it has reached an all-time high of 8.1 percent. The European Central Bank actually wants to limit inflation to two percent. Source: © IMAGO/ In the euro zone, the inflation rate has again reached a […]