Hours of waiting: Cyber ​​attack paralyzes gas stations in Iran

In Iran, the payment system for many gas stations across the country is failing. Media reports of long queues and non-working gas pumps. The government in Tehran has now confirmed rumors of a hacker attack. Iran blamed a cyber attack for a nationwide failure of gasoline supplies. “The Supreme National Security Council has confirmed a […]

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Admission to coalition talks: Lindner wants to negotiate fuel prices

Fuel prices are currently at a record level in Germany. Above all, the high level of taxes and duties is causing discussions. FDP boss Lindner sees politics as an obligation and says he will talk about it at the negotiating table with the SPD and the Greens. In view of the steep rise in fuel […]

Because of record diesel price: Mittelstand warns "veritable economic crisis"

The chief economist of the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises, Hans-Jürgen Völz, warns of profound consequences for the economy and consumers due to the current diesel price. The Corona crisis could be followed in a few months by an economic crisis that “endangers prosperity”. In view of the new record high for diesel prices, German […]

Ministry wants to raise awareness: Milkmaid bill on yellow slips of paper?

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy wants to use a yellow information sheet every three months at petrol stations to provide information on the costs of the individual types of drive, thereby sensitizing customers to alternative drives. But is this listing serious or just a milkmaid bill? A fuel cost comparison made by […]