Must be prepared for more Ukraine refugees — RT EN

11 July 2022 3:28 p.m According to the current chairman of the Council of Interior Ministers, the European Union must prepare for possible further refugees from Ukraine. The tension in the receiving countries Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic is already enormous. Source: © Imago/Stefan Zeitz According to the current chairman of the Council […]

UN Commissioner Filippo Grandi points out double standards over treatment of refugees — RT EN

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi has pointed to a lack of support for non-Ukrainian refugees. Syria, Afghanistan and several African countries also continue to need humanitarian aid, the UN official said. Filippo Grandi, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, has expressed concern that increasing aid to Ukraine could undermine humanitarian assistance […]

Interior Ministry plans permanent right to stay for well-integrated refugees — RT DE

According to plans by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, asylum seekers who have only been tolerated but are well integrated should be able to stay in Germany permanently in the future. To do this, they must, among other things, master the language and pursue a professional activity. Criminals, on the other hand, should be […]

UN aid supplies for Ukrainian refugees – but not if they speak Russian — RT EN

Conditional Solidarity – a video clip that provides an insight into the local mental situation: In Lvov, western Ukraine, aid packages from UN donations are only given to internally displaced persons in Ukraine if they speak Ukrainian. The Ukrainian journalist, blogger, opposition politician and émigré Anatoly Shary tweeted a short video yesterday released, which is […]

public servant? people’s executioner! Zelensky’s ruling party wants to expatriate war refugees — RT DE

In Latvia, if you approve of Russia’s operation to pacify Ukraine, you will be expatriated. In Ukraine itself, people want to go further and expatriate people who do not want to die in the war that Kyiv itself unleashed and who fled the country. a commentary by Mikhail Konev After Latvia’s government, Ukraine’s has now […]