Lots of requests from Afghans: authorities are registering more asylum applications again

In the first nine months, over a third more asylum applications were made in Germany. One reason is the greater freedom of movement in the pandemic. Another is the situation in Afghanistan. This is also reflected in EU-wide figures – the responsible authority is now sounding the alarm. The number of asylum applications in Germany […]

"16 years wasn’t enough": Merkel regrets unresolved conflicts with Erdogan

It should be Merkel’s last trip to Turkey as Federal Chancellor. In an interview with President Erdogan, she stressed the importance of good relationships and recognized Turkey’s role in caring for refugees. Once again, however, differences become clear. During her farewell visit to Turkey, Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out numerous unresolved conflicts in German-Turkish relations […]

Against refugees from Belarus: Poland is planning "solid, high barrier" at the limit

The situation on the Polish-Belarusian border is coming to a head. Poland’s parliament votes in favor of building a barrier to curb the flow of refugees. Foreign Minister Maas, meanwhile, accuses Belarusian ruler Lukashenko of being involved in organized crime. Poland’s parliament has approved the government’s plan to build a permanent fortification on the border […]

Against smugglers from Belarus: Twelve states want EU money for border fences

Since Belarus illegally smuggled migrants into the EU, pressure on Brussels has increased. Twelve member states are demanding to be able to finance their border installations with community money. The signatories are also calling for the Schengen Borders Code to be adapted. Germany is not one of them. The unwanted migration via Belarus into the […]

Minister wants more border protection: Austria rumbles about EU migration policy

The debate about the distribution of refugees in the EU is “pointless” in the eyes of Austria’s Minister of the Interior, Nehammer. Before that, the Union’s external borders would have to be “rigorously” protected. His country will also not accept any more people from Afghanistan. Before the meeting of the EU interior ministers on Friday, […]

Abdulrazak Gurnah awarded: Nobel Prize for Literature for Tanzanian author

The Tanzanian writer Gurnah receives the most prestigious literary award in the world. He has penetrated the “effects of colonialism and the fate of the refugee in the gap between cultures and continents”, praises the Swedish Academy. This year’s Nobel Prize for Literature goes to the Tanzanian writer Abdulrazak Gurnah. He received the award “for […]

New high on the weekend: More migrants come to Germany via Poland

251 people illegally crossed the German-Polish border last weekend. A new high according to the federal police. The route led from Belarus via Lithuania and Poland. According to the Federal Police, 251 unauthorized border crossings were found at the German-Polish border in Brandenburg last weekend. That is a new high for weekends, said the federal […]