OPEC expects no relaxation in the oil market in 2023 — RT DE

12 July 2022 5:19 p.m The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) does not expect any relaxation on the oil market in the coming year, despite the cartel’s increased production volumes. Accordingly, global demand will continue to exceed supply. The supply shortage will continue. Source: Legion-media.ru © IlluPics Despite increased production volumes, the Organization […]

signs of relaxation? Russia opens land border with Georgia — RT EN

On Tuesday, the Russian government lifted travel restrictions to Georgia. Political observers see this as a signal for further steps towards relaxation in the direction of the Georgian government, which is currently showing itself to be constructive. A decree of the Russian government has been published on the official Internet portal for legal information, according […]

“Entering the exit” – Söder is pushing ahead with the relaxation of corona and wants to suspend compulsory vaccination – RT DE

7 Feb 2022 3:30 p.m As head of the “Team Caution”, he stood for a rigid corona policy. Then, among other things, the curfew in Bavaria and incorrect incidence figures put the Bavarian Prime Minister in distress. Now Söder wants to initially suspend the implementation of the facility-related vaccination requirement. As the presumed leader of […]

Relaxation or tightening? — RT DE

24 Jan 2022 09:59 am The heads of the federal and state governments are again discussing how to proceed in the pandemic today. The omicron variant, which is considered highly contagious, is currently causing the number of new cases to increase rapidly every day. But some politicians are already talking about easing. Shortly before today’s […]