“Russia will respond to strategic threats with lightning speed” — RT DE

28 Apr 2022 12:52 pm In a speech on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin justifies Russia’s policy and warns third countries against interfering in the Ukraine conflict. Russia has resources that no one else has and if there is a strategic threat, the response will be “lightning quick”. On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed members of […]

US, NATO and UN Secretary General respond to Russian special operation in Donbass — RT EN

24 Feb 2022 7:41 am Representatives of the United States, NATO, the United Nations and several Western countries have condemned the special military operation in the Donbass region announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. After President Putin responded early Thursday morning to requests for military assistance from the Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (LPR) People’s Republics […]

‘Respond with all means’ – US calls on Canada to solve trucker problem — RT DE

11 Feb 2022 3:28 pm The truckers of the “freedom convoy” are still blocking the Canadian capital and central traffic arteries. Nervousness is spreading among Prime Minister Trudeau, but also in the US Homeland Security Agency. The protest is also beginning to leave economic scars. There is a threat of escalation. Despite a number of […]