Iran Launches Space Rocket — RT EN

Iranian media reported on the test of an Iranian missile that Tehran says will be used to launch satellites into orbit. The US, on the other hand, fears that the country is trying to develop ICBMs. Tehran has conducted a new test of its three-stage satellite launcher to further develop its national space program, according […]

Rocket attack on Kyiv – Donbass calls for more than warning shots — RT DE

Early Sunday morning Russian rocket artillery struck Kyiv several times. It is probably the long-awaited reaction to the constant shelling of the Donbass by the Ukrainian military. In the Donbass, some are calling for more than just “symbolic warning shots”. The Ukrainian capital Kyiv has been attacked by Russia with rockets for the first time […]

Multiple rocket launchers for Kyiv – US flout unwritten rules of proxy war — RT EN

When supplying its multiple rocket launchers to Kyiv, the United States is omitting the compatible ATACMS battlefield missiles, whose firing range from Ukraine reaches far into Russia. However, Kyiv could obtain these missiles from third countries. Washington bears the risk of escalation. Commentary by Gevorg Mirsayan “We will draw the appropriate conclusions and use our […]

Biden refuses to deliver rocket launchers to Kyiv – risk of escalation in range to Russia — RT EN

Kyiv is disappointed: the Ukrainian side has been “begging” the United States for months to send multiple rocket launchers, writes Politico magazine, citing an anonymous source. In the White House, however, they held back for fear of a possible escalation. In Kyiv there is “definitely growing dissatisfaction” with the new reservations of the US towards […]

Israel launches rocket attacks on targets in south-west Syria — RT EN

Israel is said to have carried out a rocket attack on several targets on the outskirts of Quneitra in south-west Syria, near the Israeli-held Golan Heights where Hezbollah militias are suspected to be active. Hezbollah’s secretary general warned Tuesday that his movement was on alert after the IDF launched a large-scale exercise. Israel carried out […]

Russian military blames Ukraine for rocket attack on Kramatorsk train station — RT EN

8 Apr 2022 3:18 pm The Russian Defense Ministry has denied that the Russian military carried out a missile attack on the train station in the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk. Ukraine is said to be responsible for the attack, which denies any statements by Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry stressed that the Russian military did […]