Roskosmos boss wants to reactivate eROSITA X-ray telescope shut down by Germany — RT DE

Due to the Ukraine conflict, Germany, as a partner of the Russian space agency Roskosmos, stopped operating a unique X-ray telescope on official instructions. Now Russia, on whose platform the device is located, wants to put this component back into service on its own. Russian scientists involved warn that such a start-up could be difficult. […]

Roskosmos boss Dmitry Rogozin sees Russia’s space agency as part of the armed forces — RT EN

3 June 2022 10:29 am The Russian space agency Roskosmos wants to produce new satellites for the Russian armed forces this year. The head of the state-owned company, Dmitry Rogozin, complains that Russia currently has too few spacecraft, with thousands of opposing ones in orbit. Source: Sputnik © WITALI BELOUSSOW By the end of the […]

Roskosmos chief Rogozin recalls Biden’s proposal to bomb Belgrade — RT EN

18 mar 2022 8:06 am Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has released video of Biden’s speech on the Belgrade bombing after Biden called the Russian president a war criminal. The Kremlin found today’s US President’s statements unacceptable. US President Joe Biden suggested bombing Belgrade in 1999. This was recalled by the head of the Russian space […]

Former Russian vice prime minister speaks out against Ukraine war – criticism from Roskosmos chief — RT EN

16 mar 2022 9:00 p.m Former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich has spoken out against the war in Ukraine and denounced the futility of sanctions against Russia. Roskosmos boss Rogozin criticized him for this attitude and for making Russia “dependent” on Boeing and Airbus. Arkady Dvorkovich, chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation, head of the International […]

Roskosmos asks NASA for explanation — RT EN

22 Jan 2022 11:52 am It is currently extremely difficult for Russians to obtain a US visa. The US State Department explains this with the lack of personnel. Exceptions have so far been made for special cases. The case of a cosmonaut is now worrying the Russian space agency. According to the Russian media, the […]