"Good morning Germany": Marco Schreyl is an early riser

Marco Schreyl has already extensively proven that he is an all-round talent: DSDS and “super talent” presenter, talk show host or radio voice – all of this is in his vita. Now he is looking forward to strengthening the RTL team from “Guten Morgen Deutschland”. If it weren’t for getting up early … It is […]

After illness from Covid-19: "Let’s dance"-Star Evgeny Vinokurov is a father

The last weeks of pregnancy were certainly no picnic for “Let’s Dance” professional Evgeny Vinokurov and his wife. After all, both of them contract Covid-19 during this time. But now the 31-year-old can proudly announce that he has become a father for the first time. “Let’s Dance” professional dancer Evgeny Vinokurov is back on Instagram […]

No clichés in "Bruised": Halle Berry is sweating in top form

They still exist, Hollywood stars who surprise. The latest example is Halle Berry’s directorial debut “Bruised”. As a mixed martial arts fighter, the Oscar winner bleeds and hits her head in front of and behind the camera. Former UFC fighter Jackie “Pretty Bull” Justice (Halle Berry) is in ruins of her life. She has just […]

Like mother and sister: Jenny Frankhauser is moving to Malle

Jenny Frankhauser would like to emigrate in the coming year. The former jungle queen should go to Mallorca. Mother Iris Klein and half-sister Daniela Katzenberger already live there. But the 29-year-old doesn’t want to leave her home completely behind. Jenny Frankhauser was in a clinch with her half-sister Daniela Katzenberger for a long time, only […]