Berlin labor court rules discrimination against unvaccinated people — RT DE

In the fight against discrimination against unvaccinated people, several employees of the Berlin Charité experienced a setback before the Berlin labor court. The labor court ruled that the Berlin hospital may exclude them from the traditional summer celebration of the workforce. On Thursday, just one day before the subject of the proceedings at the Charité […]

US Forces Relax Tattoo Rules — RT EN

Problems with young recruits in the military do not only plague the Bundeswehr. The US military will allow more tattoos in the future, which should also counteract the recruitment slump. There are also exceptions to allow other applicants to enter. The US Army has met just 40 percent of its planned recruitment target, Army G-1 […]

Court rules tribal leader paroled — RT EN

The arrest of one of the organizers of the strike in Ecuador has fueled the indigenous protests. After a judge’s decision, Leonidas Iza is now free again under conditions. He is to report to the public prosecutor’s office twice a week. Ecuadorian judge Paola Bedón conditionally released Leónidas Iza on Wednesday. The President of the […]

Multiple rocket launchers for Kyiv – US flout unwritten rules of proxy war — RT EN

When supplying its multiple rocket launchers to Kyiv, the United States is omitting the compatible ATACMS battlefield missiles, whose firing range from Ukraine reaches far into Russia. However, Kyiv could obtain these missiles from third countries. Washington bears the risk of escalation. Commentary by Gevorg Mirsayan “We will draw the appropriate conclusions and use our […]

Chancellor Scholz rules out further vaccination debate – Lauterbach lacks the imagination for success — RT DE

Apr 8 2022 1:53pm In response to the rejection of general vaccination requirements in Germany, which was decided yesterday in the Bundestag, Chancellor Scholz announced that he saw “no basis for a renewed attempt”. Health Minister Lauterbach expects the Infection Protection Act to be tightened in autumn. After the clear voting results on April 7 […]