Romania calls for increased NATO contingent in country ‘in the long run’ — RT EN

Romanian foreign minister has said NATO should increase its contingent in the country and extend its stay. This will help confirm “the strategic importance” of the Black Sea region. The NATO bloc already has 5,000 soldiers in the country. Romania would like to increase the number of NATO troops on its territory and extend their […]

Bundestag deputy Reichinnek also wants to run for Left Party presidency — RT DE

Janine Wissler is facing competition for her new candidacy for party chairmanship in Die Linke: Heidi Reichinnek, member of the Lower Saxony Bundestag, announced that she would also run for party chairmanship. Heidi Reichinnek, currently women’s policy spokeswoman for the parliamentary group Die Linke, is applying for the chair of her party. On Wednesday, she […]

Selective outrage over Ukraine is being run by a well-oiled propaganda machine — RT DE

Westerners have been led like sheep into the next emoji crusade: Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine. Professional virtue guards are fueling citizens’ anger at Russia. When will this thoughtless signaling of virtue and morality with every new trend finally end? A comment by Robert Bridge While some in the West may find a kindred […]

Sri Lanka has run out of money for oil — RT EN

16 May 2022 20:43 There is no more oil in Sri Lanka: the country has no foreign exchange to pay for further oil imports, the new head of government explained. The supplies were only enough for one day. Sri Lanka is in the middle of the worst economic crisis in its history. Source: © […]