Not all employees vaccinated: Several deaths after outbreaks in nursing homes

Massive outbreaks of the corona virus occur in two nursing homes in northern Germany. Most of the residents are infected. There are now several fatalities. Many of the facility’s employees also test positive – some of them haven’t been vaccinated against the virus. A 95-year-old resident died after a corona outbreak in a senior citizens’ […]

Virus is raging worse than ever: Fourth corona wave rolls over Romania

Steep infection curves, hundreds of deaths every day and overloaded intensive care units: Romania is battling the worst corona wave since the beginning of the pandemic. The health system has long since reached its limits. Yet people do not want to be vaccinated. This has devastating consequences. The fourth corona wave hit Romania with full […]

RKI: 6771 new corona infections: the seven-day incidence climbs to 75.1

It doesn’t make big leaps, but the increase is continuous: the seven-day incidence is rising again in Germany. Meanwhile, according to the Robert Koch Institute, the number of corona deaths remains constant compared to the previous week. The seven-day incidence in Germany rose for the seventh day in a row. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) […]

Fifth consecutive increase: seven-day incidence increases to 72.7

The seven-day incidence has only seen one direction in the past few days: up. The number of new infections is also more than 1000 cases higher than in the previous week. In addition, 17 more people die in connection with the coronavirus. The seven-day incidence in Germany increased for the fifth day in a row. […]

Extremely high values ​​in children: Thuringia is now the number 1 corona hotspot

While the number of corona cases is falling or stagnating in the western federal states, they continue to rise in the east. The upward trend is particularly steep in Thuringia, which now has the highest incidence in Germany. This is mainly due to the extremely high values ​​in some of the children and adolescents. A […]

Incidence hardly changed: RKI registers 92 new deaths

The seven-day incidence has fallen slightly, but remains roughly the same as in the past few days. The RKI reports 11,903 new infections, which is more than a week ago. Deaths are also increasing. There is little dynamic in the seven-day incidence in Germany. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the value of new infections […]

RKI reports 88 new deaths: the infection rate remains almost unchanged

The seven-day incidence has shown little dynamism for days. Now the RKI reports 4971 new infections. That is slightly less than a week ago. The number of deaths is also only falling slightly. There is little dynamic in the seven-day incidence in Germany. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the value of new infections per […]

Fewer deaths than the day before: RKI reports increasing incidence again

The seven-day incidence in Germany is slowly but steadily increasing – and is currently 66.1. The RKI also reports 7,612 new infections and 24 deaths within one day. In a weekly comparison, an upward trend can also be seen in these figures. The seven-day incidence in Germany rose again slightly compared to the previous day. […]