US-Russian security advisers in touch on nuclear weapons and Ukraine — RT EN

7 Nov 2022 5:23 p.m US adviser Sullivan is in contact with his Russian counterpart Ushakov and Secretary of the Russian Security Council Patrushev. The aim of the consultations is not to solve the situation in Ukraine, but to avoid an escalation. Jake Sullivan, the US President’s National Security Advisor, has had confidential contacts with […]

Russia suspends shipping in Black Sea Security Corridor — RT EN

Peskov doubts the possibility of implementing grain agreements without Russian participation Russian President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said it is unlikely that the agreement on grain exports from Ukrainian ports could be implemented without Russia’s participation. During conversations with journalists, his attention was drawn to statements by the Turkish side that they intended to continue […]

Israel announces re-establishment of security cooperation with Turkey — RT EN

28 Oct 2022 1:48 p.m Israel and Turkey restored security ties during a meeting of the two countries’ defense ministers in Ankara. Israeli Defense Minister Gantz met Turkish President Erdoğan in Turkey. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Thursday after announcing a gradual resumption of defense ties with Ankara. […]

Chinese investor in the port of Hamburg? – Zoff in traffic lights and references to security interests — RT DE

21 Oct 2022 10:21 pm In the traffic light coalition there is currently a real dispute about a possible entry of a Chinese shipping company into the port of Hamburg. While opponents speak of risks and security interests, proponents point to the competitiveness of the location. Green leader Ricarda Lang have “No understanding” for the […]

‘Security Risk’ – Biden Administration Considers Measures Against Musk — RT DE

21 Oct 2022 8:26 pm The entrepreneur Elon Musk has surprised in recent weeks with proposals for a peace solution in Ukraine. Deviating from the “general line” of US policy may now have consequences for him: According to media reports, high-ranking US officials are currently examining measures against Musk. According to a report by business […]

Russia and seven other countries demand answers at UN Security Council — RT EN

19 Oct 2022 17:09 Russia accuses the US of conducting dangerous bio-experimentation in Ukraine. Moscow is demanding that Washington disclose details of the large-scale program. Now Russia and seven other countries want to complain to the UN Security Council. Source: © David Pereiras In a joint statement at the United Nations on Tuesday, Russia, […]